Security Management Excellence 

Our Services:
Our services are focused on risk prevention and response as those are core competencies in security management service excellence.  Our main objective is a thorough, independent, and accurate assessment of the current security program capabilities and vulnerabilities in order to develop recommendations, implement corrective actions, and reduce liability.

 Our audits are the main vehicle for assessing security teams and security programs.  The security audits provide a tool to test efficiency, increase readiness and awareness, and enhance your organization's internal quality control and audit program. Additionally, our audits are a proactive measure that contributes to your organization's due diligence in establishing and maintaining an adequate security program.

Subjects covered in our Security Consulting Services:

- Physical Penetration Test

- Physical Security Surveys
- Security Program Audits

- Service Level Agreements and Key Performance Indicator Review and Development
- Risk Assessments and Management Plans
- Development of Standard Operating Procedures 
- Training (Evacuation Plans, Workplace Violence, Active Shooter, etc..)
- Executive Protection
- Residential Security Assessments
- Business Continuity​ ​/ Organizational Resilience
- High-Rise Security, Emergency Action Plans, Active Shooter Plans
- Workplace Violence Program​ Development
- Active Shooter Training and Plan Development 
- Security Awareness Training and Program Development
- Threat Assessment & Threat Management Program
- Development of Security Program Metrics